WinAPE - The Windows Amstrad Plus Emulator

Version 2.0 Beta 2

Program written by Richard Wilson using Borland Delphi 7.

WinAPE is the most comprehensive Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus emulator for Windows. It features fast emulation without sacrificing accuracy to the original machine, allowing most programs and games developed for the CPC and Amstrad Plus machines to be enjoyed on your PC. Also included is a fully featured debugger and extremely fast Maxam compatible Z80 assembler.

WinAPE is Freeware. You are free to distribute this program.

A number of ROM images supplied with WinAPE are still copyright to Amstrad Plc and Locomotive Software. Amstrad and Locomotive have given permission for these ROM images to be distributed with CPC emulators, but retains the copyright. They are therefore freely distributable with WinAPE.

Software for use with this emulator is available on the internet at a number of sites. An archive containing most of the games and utilities ever made for the CPC can be found at or The Amstrad CPC Games Resource web site

For more information on Amstrad CPC related issues, go to and look for the FAQ.

The latest version of WinAPE, Amstrad Plus cartridge games and other products I have produced for the CPC are available at

Any queries regarding WinAPE or the web site, please contact me through The CPC Wiki