Input Settings

The Input section allows each key on the Amstrad CPC keyboard to be mapped to keys on the PC keyboard. By clicking any of the keys, the keys mapped on the PC keyboard will be shown in the combo boxes below allowing the CPC key to be mapped to any PC keys.

The Num Lock key on the PC keyboard allows different sets of keys to be toggled. For example, with the default keyboard mapping the 2 key on the PC numeric keypad is mapped to F2 on the CPC keyboard when Num Lock is turned on, but when Num Lock is turned off it is mapped to the down direction of the joystick.

Up to three PC keys can be mapped to each CPC keyboard key in each state. This allows mapping of the two PC SHIFT and CTRL keys to the single CPC SHIFT and CONTROL keys. (The CPC keyboard actually has two SHIFT keys, but both are connected to the same circuit inside the CPC. It is impossible for the CPC to know which of the SHIFT keys is pressed).

Keyboard layouts can be saved using the Save button or loaded using the Load button. When the emulator starts, the last loaded keyboard layout is re-loaded.

Enable Joystick allows joystick emulation to be enabled ot disabled. Normally WinAPE uses DirectX to emulate the Amstrad joystick and this can cause characters to be displayed on the screen if not calibrated properly.