Command Line Parameters

When starting WinAPE a disc image filename can be specified as a parameter (without the slash option). The following parameters can be specified on the command line:

filenameSpecify the filename for the disc image to be used in Drive A:
/AAutomatically run the program in Drive A:. To specify the name of the program to run use /A:filename. To start a disc using a CP/M boot sector use /A:|CPM
/T:filenameAutomatically start typing from the given Auto-type file.
/SN:filenameSpecify a Snapshot file to be loaded and automatically started.
/SYM:filenameLoad a file containing assembler/debugger symbols.
/SHUTDOWNShut down Windows when WinAPE is closed. Use /SHUTDOWN:FORCE to force shutdown if required.

For example, to start WinAPE using the disc image frogger.dsk contained within a Zip file and run the program named frogger use:

WinAPE\:frogger.dsk /a:frogger