Recording Sessions

WinAPE allows emulation sessions to be recorded, starting either from a Snapshot of the current state, or from a Cold Reset.

There are two types of session recording files, SNP and SNR. The SNP file type is a simple recording, containing only keypresses and a type 2 snapshot. It does not support many configuration settings or mouse and real-time-clock updates.

The SNR session file uses a type 3 snapshot, and records all key presses, mouse movements (when a read has occurred), and the state of the Symbiface Real-Time-Clock which updates once per second).

This type of session also contains more information about the configuration settings of the emulator, including which discs and ROMs are inserted, but it does not add the original disc image into the recording, so if any changes are made during, or after the session they can cause errors in the playback.

During playback, WinAPE displays a timer in the bottom toolbar which shows the current time in the recording with a green background when everything is synchronised properly or a red background when something has cause the recording to go out of synchronisation.