The Disassembler Pane

The Disassembler pane allows you to view regions of the running CPC emulator memory in Z80 assembly language format.

Each line represents a single Z80 instruction. The first column is the start address for the instruction followed by the Z80 assembly language instruction. The second column is the hexadecimal byte values for the memory occupied by the instruction, the third column (shown in green) is an ASCII representation of the memory, and the final part shows any assembler symbols which have the value of the current address.

Clicking on the grey area to the left of an instruction will toggle a breakpoint at the selected address.

Any region of the CPC memory can be selected for viewing. See Memory Selection for more information.
Dragging the mouse or holding the SHIFT key while clicking allows you to select a range of instructions.

Right-clicking the disassembler will provide options to:

FindCTRL+F Find Instructions, Text or Data.
GotoCTRL+GPosition the disassembler to a given hexadecimal address.
Run To CursorF4Run emulation up until the selected address.
Toggle BreakpointF5Toggle a Breakpoint at the selected address.
DisassembleDisassemble the selected range of instructions.
Mark as DataMark a region as a Data Area.
Clear Data AreaClear a previously set Data Area.