File Editor

File Editor Screen

The WinAPE File Editor allows files on emulator discs and disc images to be manipulated and copied between the emulator and the Windows file system or other emulator discs. It also allows sectors to be edited directly by selecting the Sector Editor tab.

Files can be selected individually, or multiple files selected using SHIFT or CTRL, then either dragged between windows or Cut, Copied and Pasted between the Disc Editor and Windows Explorer.

Options are available to Show System files which shows hidden files on the disc with their System flag set, and an option to Add/Remove AMSDOS headers which can add the 128 byte AMSDOS header to files that are copied from Windows, or remove it when copying to Windows.

Clicking on a file that is already selected allows it to be renamed in place, and pressing the Delete key allows the selected files to be deleted.

The right-click menu also allows files to be Renamed, Deleted, Cut or Copied, and also has an option to view Properties of the file:

Using this window, you can rename the file and change it's Read-only and System (Hidden) state.