Running Programs

Note: Many users have problems getting to the BASIC command prompt in order to run CPC programs from disc or tape.
If you see the following in the centre of the screen:

press the 1 key on the PC numeric keypad with Num Lock switched on.
This key on the PC numeric keypad is mapped to the F1 key on the CPC keyboard.

WinAPE can use disc images, tape images or cartridge images containing Amstrad CPC software programs. With the help of the CPCDOS ROM image provided, programs can also be loaded and saved directly to the Windows file system.

Disc Images

WinAPE accepts DSK, ARC and DSC files. DSK images of most of the games for the Amstrad can be found at in the form of ZIP files.

To use disc games (DSK etc) click the disc button (or press F2). Click the Select Disc button for drive A:, select the file, then select Ok.

Most disc games require you to type run "disc" to get them started. You can get the " by holding SHIFT and pressing the 2 key. Other games require you to type run "disk", and others require you to type |cpm. You can get the | symbol by holding SHIFT and pressing the [ key.

Some programs and demos do not use any of the above methods. For these you must get a directory listing of the disc. Type cat to do this. Look at the file names listed. The most likely file names to be able to run are either files with no extension or .BAS files. To run these, simply type run "filename".


Tape images can be loaded by clicking the tape button . For more information see Tape Monitor.


Most of the CPC+ cartridge games are also available for download through the download page of the WinAPE web site in the form of ZIP files.

To use cartridge games, simply click the cartridge icon on the bottom of the screen , select the file and you should be able to play the game straight away.