Selecting and Using Discs

The Drive Setup window allows disc images to be selected for each of the floppy drives supported by the CPC.

Click the Open button for the required drive. Select a disc file (.DSK, .DSC or .ARC), then click Ok.

See Running Programs for more information on running programs and games from disc images.

If you select a Floppy drive * (Floppy A: or Floppy B:) you must select a Format so WinAPE can read and write directly to the floppy drive as there is currently no support for auto-detection of formats.

* Limited direct use of floppy drives may be supported depending on your version of Windows and the availability of fdrawcmd.sys. You can install the floppy driver for free from the Official fdrawcmd.sys site, thanks to Simon Owen for providing this great driver.

Allow Single-sided read forces the FDC (Floppy Disc Controller) to read head 0 of a disc during reading even if the FDC read/read deleted command specified head 1 if the selected track is not formatted. This can be useful for some demos and games which output head 1 for the standard CPC floppy drive which is only single sided.

Allow Temporary Writes allows WinAPE to write to a read-only disc image. The changes will be discarded when the disc image is removed or WinAPE is closed. This can be useful for using some games and applications which require the disc to be not write-protected for protection or saving of high score tables etc, even if you are running from an archive or operating system read-only file.

Prompt to Save Changes will cause WinAPE to ask if you want to save changes to a disc image if it has been changed when it is removed or WinAPE is closing.

The Edit button will show the Disc and File Editor for the currently selected disc allowing you to manage the files or sectors on the disc.

The Flip button allows you to quickly switch between two different disc setups on the current drive. This option allows you to have two different discs and flip between them during emulation by pressing SHIFT-F1 (Drive A:) or SHIFT-F2 (Drive B:).

The Swap button allows you to quickly swap discs between Drive A: and Drive B:

Although WinAPE officially supports 4 disc drives (when enabled), very little software for the CPC (including AMSDOS) makes use of the full drive select capabilities of the floppy disc controller, and you are restricted to drives A: and B: only.