Keyboard Usage

The keys used to control WinAPE are as follows:

F2Select Disc(s)
F3Show Assembler (from Emulation Window)
F3Find Again (Debugger and Assembler)
F4Run To Cursor (Debugger)
F5Load Snapshot
F6Save Snapshot
F7Single-Step (Enter Debug mode)
F8Step-Over (Enter Debug mode)
F9Run (Leave Debug mode)
F10Toggle Full Screen Mode
F11Multiface Stop
SHIFT+F1Flip Disc in Drive A:
SHIFT+F2Flip Disc in Drive B:
SHIFT+F3Set Emulation to Normal Speed (100%)
SHIFT+F4Set Emulation to High Speed (1000%)
CTRL+F1Insert Disc Image in Drive A:
CTRL+F2Insert Disc Image in Drive B:
CTRL+F3Insert Cartridge
CTRL+F4Insert Tape Image
CTRL+F6Update the last saved Snapshot
CTRL+F7Save Screenshot
CTRL+F12Toggle AMX Mouse Emulation
SHIFT+CTRL+F1Edit the Disc in Drive A:
SHIFT+CTRL+F2Edit the Disc in Drive B:
SHIFT+CTRL+F3Swap the Discs in Drive A: and Drive B:
SHIFT+CTRL+F9Cold Reset (Clear all RAM)

See Buttons On The Tool Bar for a more detailed description of these functions.

The key layout of the Amstrad CPC keyboard is somewhat different to that of the PC keyboard. For this reason, all Amstrad keys can be mapped to any keys on the PC keyboard, and keyboard mappings can be saved and loaded as required. See Input Settings for more information.